Are there any glass bottles that are compatible with your carbonator?
In order to have such slim design, which was our goal, PET bottles are the only option. Glass bottles need some kind of protection case, because of the explosion risk. PET bottles won’t shatter into pieces (if it breaks), so with PET there’s no protection case needed which leads to this slim design. Therefor NO glass bottle can be used with our machine.

The bottle is even BPA free!

I have a weak gas flow. How can I solve this?
If you use the machine with really cold water, it can react with the gas and ice at the nozzle might occur. What you can do to get rid of it, is to simply pump the lever up and down a couple of times without fully letting go of it. This will pump the ice away.

There might be a situation of a blocked nozzle. We’ve gathered a few steps to help unclog it:

1) Try to unscrew the nozzle, in the same direction as you unscrew the bottle. Please use a cloth between the tong and the nozzle so it doesn’t scratch.
2) When the nozzle is out, gently try to push down the handle (without any water bottle screwed in) to see if there’s any gas coming out. The sound can be a bit loud so be aware. If so, the problem is the nozzle, which might be blocked.
3) You can then hold the nozzle up in the light to see if there’s any blockage. If it’s blocked, you won’t see a round hole.
4) By gently hitting the table with the nozzle, or by blowing it, the blockage could be dissolved. You might see some small black parts falling out of it.
5) Once you have cleared the nozzle, screw it back in tightly and try carbonating again.

It’s a good thing to check that the gasket is intact and still in place. Instructions on how to locate it can be found here. If you can see that your gasket is missing, please contact our customer support team at support@aarke.com

What type of cylinders work with the Aarke machine?
The machine is compatible with AGA, Sodastream, Linde, Sodabär, SodaMagic, Vikingsoda and many other standard cylinders, 400-425g / 60l made for sparkling water makers. Please note that Australia and New Zealand has a different standard and the machines sold in these countries will not work with EU/US/Asian cylinders. The Australian / New Zealand machines is compatible with Australian Sodastream and Soda King cylinders.

The ’buzz’ sound has stopped. Is there something wrong with the machine?
The lack of buzz sound is not necessarily an indication that something is broken.
Sometimes the sound simply disappears because of heat, cold or different pressure. If you can hear the safety valve opening, and air releasing from under the drip tray grid, the water is carbonated.

I can see some water squirting from the machine. What does that mean?
Always fill the water to the water line of our PET bottle. Otherwise water might end up inside the machine. This is generally nothing bad, but try to keep the water inside the PET bottle.

How can I get a more carbonated/bubblier water?
You can pump the lever unlimited times to achieve a more carbonated water.


Are you experiencing any other issues with the machine, or have another question for us? Don’t hesitate to contact us by chat or at support@aarke.com. Our support agents always answers within 24 hours on weekdays.