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What materials is Aarke Glassware made of?

The Nesting Glasses and Nesting Carafe are made of high-quality, lead-free crystal glass. They are 100% dishwasher safe. The Mixing Spoon that comes with the Carafe is made of stainless steel.

Where is Aarke Glassware produced?

Aarke Glassware is designed and engineered in Sweden and produced in Slovakia.

The glass is very thin, does it break easily?

Our Nesting Glasses and Nesting Carafe are precision blown from high-quality crystal glass to achieve both a smart design and durable quality.

However, their 1-1,5 mm thin sides indeed could make them more delicate than thicker drinking glasses. We recommend handling them with care, like you would with any premium crystal glassware. They are, of course, 100% dishwasher safe.

What size are the Nesting Glasses while nested in each other?

While nested, the set has a height of 140mm and a diameter of 83mm. Nesting the drinking glasses saves space brilliantly – if we may say so.

What is the optimal way to clean Aarke Glassware?

Our Nesting Glasses, Carafe & Mixing Spoon can be cleaned in the dishwasher. We recommend using a dishwasher setting for glassware or a maximum temperature setting of 70℃.

Please note that glass as a material is sensitive to extreme changes in temperature, which we recommend to be mindful of. For example, please avoid pouring ice-cold water into a hot glass, which just came out of the dishwasher before it cools down.

My nesting glasses stick to each other, why?

The Nesting Glasses are precision blown to achieve the combination of their thin side walls, heavy rounded base and durable quality. However, glass is a dynamic material which may be affected by external factors, such as temperature. Temperature fluctuations can cause the glass to slightly shrink or expand. Although this change in the glass isn’t noticeable to the eye it can indeed sometimes result in the glasses sticking to each other.

To avoid this in the future, we recommend trying to let the glasses cool down after taking them out of the dishwasher before nesting them.

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