Terms & conditions

Price & payment
Every merchandise has VAT included in the price. In the shopping cart you will be able to see the total price with VAT, fees and shipping included.

The right to withdraw your purchase
The right to withdraw your purchase is applicable for 14 days. The right to withdraw starts from the day you received your product. The product has to be sealed when you return it. If you are negligent and the merchandise is damaged your right to withdraw is withdrawn.

The warranty period is calculated from the day the product is purchased, 24 months. For service or complaints contact Aarke at support@aarke.com

Delivery time is shown in the shopping cart and if the delivery time is deviant for any of the products this will also be shown in the shopping cart.


Returning the product is made at your own expense. If the merchandise is defected Aarke will refund your expense for the shipment. If the product is not defective, you will send it back to Aarke at your own expense.

If you have used your right to withdrawal your payment will be paid back fully within 30 days of Aarke receiving the product. The return cost is paid by the buyer. You can also find information at http://ec.europa.eu/odr.