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Replacement gaskets (x3)

Material: Rubber
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A set of 3 replacement rubber gaskets for the Aarke sparkling water maker models: Carbonator II, Carbonator 3 and Carbonator Pro. The gasket acts as an important seal between the Carbonator and the gas cylinder.

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Carbonator II, Carbonator 3 and Carbonator Pro

Cylinder Gasket Troubleshooting


The rubber gasket is located inside the Aarke Carbonator’s cylinder compartment and functions as a very important seal between the gas cylinder and the Aarke Carbonator. If the gasket is missing, damaged, or misplaced, the Aarke Carbonator will not work as intended. Possible symptoms of a faulty or missing cylinder gasket could be:

  1. A leaking sound from the cylinder compartment when pushing the lever.
  2. Water droplets in the cylinder compartment or a frozen cylinder.
  3. The gas cylinder quickly runs out of gas.
  4. The gas cylinder is leaking gas when screwed into the Aarke Carbonator, even when the lever/button isn’t being pushed.


Cylinder Gasket Replacement

Checking the gasket

Unscrew the gas cylinder and turn the Aarke Carbonator upside down. Look down into the cylinder compartment and check to see if there’s a black gasket (a black ring) around the brass pin, and if it looks to be placed correctly.

Replacing the gasket for Carbonator II and 3

1. Ensure that the CO2 cylinder has been removed from the Aarke Carbonator.

2. A few inches below the black seam there is a screw at the back of the Aarke Carbonator. Unscrew it, grab the upper part of the Aarke Carbonator, and lift it out from the body.

3. Turn the upper portion upside down and look inside. If necessary, remove the old gasket with tweezers or a small screwdriver.

4. Place the new gasket into the circular hole and push it into place around the entire perimeter.

5. Place the upper portion of the machine back into the main body. Ensure it’s straight and facing the correct direction before screwing it back in. Done!

Replacing the gasket for Carbonator Pro

1. Ensure that the CO2 cylinder has been removed from the Aarke Carbonator Pro.

2. Drop the new gasket inside the cylinder compartment.

3. Take the machine with both hands and carefully turn it upside down, so that you’re facing the bottom of the Carbonator Pro.

4. Look into the cylinder compartment and gently wiggle the machine to make sure that the gasket goes into the lowest point of the compartment.

5. Then simply screw in the gas cylinder to tighten the gasket in place. Done!