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Gas Cylinders Support

Cylinder Installation

Remove the cylinder’s plastic cap and install the gas cylinder by doing the following: 

  1. Gently lay the Aarke Carbonator on its side on a hard surface.
  2. Through the hole in the bottom of the machine, slide in the cylinder and, while still holding it, push it to the top of the opening.
  3. When you feel it reach the top, screw the cylinder in with a clockwise motion until fastened, no need to over-tighten.
  4. Save the plastic cap of the cylinder to put it back on and exchange when it's empty. 



Is the CO2 cylinder exchange service available on the Aarke website?

Yes. Learn more and order exchange cylinders with our on-demand service called The Cylinder Loop here.

How do I dispose of an empty gas cylinder?

Since gas cylinders classify as hazardous goods, they are not meant to be thrown in the household trash. Our CO2 cylinders for home carbonation were manufactured to be refillable at specialized facilities and reused multiple times.

We recommend exchanging your empty cylinders for full ones here. You will get the cylinder deposit refunded when exchanging empty cylinders.

How do I know if the gas cylinder is empty and ready to be exchanged?

The water will no longer become bubbly when you’re going through the usual carbonation steps. Before exchanging the empty cylinder, or putting it into the exchange box, you can double check that it is completely empty by depressing the center pin with a spoon. Any remaining CO2 will be removed then.

How is the Aarke CO2 gas different from other brands?

The food grade CO2 gas used in our cylinders is exclusively produced from renewable resources. This means that our CO2 comes from sources already in the eco-system, not adding unnecessary CO2 to the atmosphere. Click here to learn more.

Are Aarke’s gas cylinders compatible with sparkling water makers from other brands?

Yes, the Aarke CO2 gas cylinders are compatible with all Aarke carbonators and most sparkling water makers on the market that are designed for use with the standard 410-425g / 60L screw in cylinders.

Aarke gas cylinders are not compatible with SodaStream’s models that use the Quick Connect mechanism.