Drink Mixers Set

Flavor: Various

Get creative with our Aarke Drink Mixers and rediscover your favorite cocktails or mocktails at home. Designed for effortless blending with perfect flavours for the home bar, this set of four provides everything you need to take your home bar to the next level.

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3112 g

Manufactured in:


Capacity of bottle:

350 ml, makes about 15 drinks.

Expiry date:

Open bottle: 3 months (max +8°C).
4 Bottles of different flavours of Aarke Drink Mixers
4 Bottles of different flavours of Aarke Drink Mixers

Vibrant Flavour

Delicious, effortless craft cocktails, courtesy of your home bar. Aarke Drink Mixers are made for discovering twists on the classics and endless flavour combinations for the perfect drink, every time.

• Bartender approved palette
• Easy to mix
• Recyclable glass bottles

The Details

How much flavoured sparkling water can I get from 1 bottle of Drink Mixers?

You can mix approximately 15 drinks, but it does depend on personal preference, size of glass and whether the liquor and ice are also added.

What is the expiration date of the Drink Mixers?

For an opened bottle: 3 months when stored at maximum +8 degrees Celsius.

For an unopened bottle: the expiration date is stated on the bottle and is 2 years from the date of production.

How should I store the Drink Mixers?

Please store your opened bottles at maximum +8 degrees (Celsius).

Unopened bottles can be stored at room temperature.

How much Drink Mixer should I use to get the perfect flavour?

We recommend one part Drink Mixer and six parts sparkling water for a refreshing mocktail but you can always adjust the intensity of the flavour depending on your personal preference.

Can I carbonate water with the Flavours added to it?

No, please only add still, pure water to the Aarke PET-bottle before carbonating it to make sure your Carbonator serves you for years to come.

After the water is carbonated, please add the Aarke Flavours directly into the drinking glass to make your perfect sparkling flavoured drink.

What kind of cocktails can I make with the Drink Mixers?

Our Drink Mixers make it easy to mix and adjust to personal preferences, but to give you some inspiration, why not try mixing a refreshing ginger cocktail with Spicy Ginger and rum or classic Gin and Tonic – both with sparkling water, and ice to keep them chilled.

Or continue scrolling for a detailed recipe of our favourite Bitter Orange Spritz cocktail (or mocktail if you prefer)!

Aarke Bitter Orange Drink Mixer for sparkling water
Aarke Bitter Orange Drink Mixer for sparkling water

Bitter Orange Spritz

Bring summer sun to every season with the Aarke Drink Mixer in Bitter Orange. Simply combine:

• 1 part Bitter Orange Drink Mixer
• A handful of ice
• 6 parts Aarke sparkling water

Top with gin if you prefer and garnish with a citrus wedge.