20% OFF Hammertone Carbonators with code HAMR20 | 5/23 - 5/30 | Free Shipping on Orders $50+
20% OFF Hammertone Carbonators with code HAMR20 | 5/23 - 5/30 | Free Shipping on Orders $50+
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Carbonator 3 Starter Kit

As low as $259
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Compatible Cylinders

Your cylinder can be exchanged in our Cylinder Loop if it’s a standard 14.5 Oz / 60L gas cylinder approved for use with sparkling water makers.
Your cylinder can’t be exchanged in our Cylinder Loop if it’s damaged. Also, we do not accept the Soda Stream Quick Connect cylinders with the pink ring.

How does it work?

1. Order and get your gas cylinders.

2. Enjoy your carbonated water.

3. When the cylinders are empty, put them in the return box and hand it to a USPS carrier.

4. A new order will automatically be placed. No need to log in.

5. FedEx will deliver new gas cylinders to you.

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The Carbonator 3 is the first appliance of its kind designed with a seamless, minimalist stainless-steel enclosure and made from premium materials to elevate the look and feel of your kitchen counter for years to come.

The Starter Kit includes:

- 1 Carbonator 3

- 1 PET Water Bottle included with the Carbonator

- 1 Aarke CO2 Cylinder

*Please note, due to the process of kit building, your box may come opened/unsealed, since we are adding the Gas Cylinders manually.

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Polished stainless steel in various finishes.
BPA-free PET water bottle and stainless steel drip tray included.
Cordless and electricity-free.


2404 g

Capacity of bottle:

800 ml (27.05 fl. oz) up to the marked filling line


Compatible with CO2 cylinders from Aarke, Sodastream (except for Sodastream Quick Connect), AGA, Linde, and many other standard gas cylinders approved for use with sparkling water makers, except in Australia and New Zealand (where Aarke products are only available at local retailers).

CO2 Gas Cylinder: 60 L, 60 mm, 425 g (14.5 oz)