Flavors on pink background
Flavors on pink background


These flavors were made for mixing. Bring your carbonated water experience to the next level with our exclusive collection of sparkling water flavors and syrups

Classic Gin & Tonic

The Classic Tonic has a distinct and well balanced bittersweet flavor. For the perfect Gin & Tonic, follow these easy steps:

• 5 cl gin (your favorite brand will do)
• 1,5 cl Classic Tonic Syrup
• Mix with clear ice and lime

Top off with 10cl sparkling water from your Aarke Carbonator and stir.

Essence Drops

Add a fresh flavor to your sparkling water with our natural sugar free essence drops. Add one full squeeze, about 15 drops, in a glass of sparkling water for a refreshing hint of flavoring.

• Only natural flavors
• No sugar
• No sweeteners
• Zero calories